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At Rapid Guard Services Inc. we provide security for both residential and non-residential buildings. With the high spike of robberies and burglaries in many neighborhoods, the fear of thieves is rising, and protection is vital. At Rapid Guard Services Inc. we will provide security for both neighborhoods and a single residential home. We are committed to ensuring the overall happiness and security of our clients, and to achieve such a goal, we only hire the most experienced and professional guards. Our guards are always vigilant and well prepared to handle any situation professionally and safely. We believe the safety of our clients is our greatest duty and our officers are there to provide this right. For many residential single homes a video surveillance camera is usually not enough to deter criminals who frequently steal packages and break in homes, our real time officers are always present deterring any crime. In addition to real time officers we also provide the latest high end technology ranging from GPS tracking with real-time incident reporting, and the latest video surveillance cameras. At Rapid Guard Services Inc. we work with residential community managers and homeowners, and implement strict comprehensive security solutions that include: Through these solutions we will ensure visibility and our presence will be known, allowing for both security and the general happiness of our clients.

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Areas We Serve

Areas We Serve
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Areas We Serve
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