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Vulnerable sites, such as construction zones are a popular zone for criminals looking to steal something worth value. Often enclosed through a gate construction sites if unchecked are relatively easy to bypass and get into, making way for easy vandalism and theft. Because valuables such as machinery and tools are stored in the premises at night extra security to ensure they are not stolen or damaged should be issued to such valuable and expensive tools. Injury can also subsequently follow if whilst anyone does venture near the property and through injuring themselves blame it on your lack of care to ensure safety, can lead to an expensive lawsuit. Rapid guard security will ensure nothing happens to the construction site and the property remains in the condition it was left, neither vandalized nor decreased of assets. With our constant guards patrolling the premises it will ensure that our presence is in the perimeter deterring any would be crime. We are committed in ensuring protection and security for your construction site. With over 10 years of experience we are one of the leading security companies in Southern California, our officers are one of the most experienced who will surely not fail in their task.

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