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Security is especially needed in places which carry large amounts of cash and assets. Banks, unions, and other financial institutions are in critical need of protecting both the employees inside these institutions and the valuables contained therein. At Rapid Guard Services Inc. we make it our duty to ensure any place we guard is under complete protection from whatever danger that may be posed. With the most professional officers in southern California we make it our promise that our clients will only get the best. We understand the need of our clients and we are here to ensure those needs are fulfilled. In such like institutions a wary eye is need as well as constant patrol in and around the premises. Our guards constantly foot patrol which ensures their presence from any would be criminal, highly deterring anyone with bad intentions. Rapid Guard Services an armed and unarmed guard service in and around Southern California. Our armed and unarmed guards work closely with law enforcement ensuring the most professional way to handle any situation. We are a company committed to following the rules and we only hire the most dedicated officers to guarantee it is fulfilled. Many institutions solely rely on video surveillance cameras as a means of security, although they may be effective in helping solve a criminal case it will not be helpful in actually stopping a robbery in a bank as has been seen in many examples in the media. With a presence of our officers at any institutions we guarantee your employees and clients feel safe and protected. At Rapid Guard Services Inc. we have the knowledge, experience and resources to ensure that our duty in making our clients safe and protected is fulfilled.

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