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Hospitals and healthcare faculties are in need of constant security in and around the establishments. At Rapid Guard Services Inc. we are there to supply the most professional guards to make sure security and safety is provided. Hospitals and healthcare centers are one of the most active public institutions visited by thousands of people daily. Many of these institutions are left open to an open-door policy leaving it vulnerable to deranged patients, as well as criminals. To operate in such a vulnerable area, wherein is needed the protection of the employees and patients involves highly skilled and professional guards. At Rapid Guard Services Inc. we will deliver just that; hiring only the most professional and skilled officers, we are dedicated to ensuring good service, that meet the security management standards, as well as local and state requirements. We are willing to work with hospitals and healthcare centers to develop a course to meet the needs of our clients. At Rapid Guard Services Inc. we have the knowledge, experience and resources to ensure that our duty in making our clients safe and protected is fulfilled.

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Areas We Serve
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